Why do some patients need dialysis?

When your kidney loses 85-90 percent of its function, you may need to replace your kidney’s processes with dialysis treatment. There are two kinds of dialysis: hemodialysis (in which your blood is cleaned with an artificial kidney) and peritoneal dialysis (in which your blood is cleaned inside the body).

Where do I go for dialysis?

While dialysis can often be inconvenient, Southside Kidney Specialists partners with Liberty Dialysis to provide dialysis services and physicians under the same roof. This provides a convenient way to take care of your dialysis needs without making separate trips. We also offer dialysis services at home.

Our ultimate goal for our dialysis patients is to help you make choices that improve your quality of life. We don’t make decisions for you— we work with you to figure out the best options and then follow through with the most comfortable option for your lifestyle.